About Us

Lovely Greenhouse has been in operation since 1979. With over thirty years of experience, we have established a name in the field. We dedicate ourselves to quality and reliable service for our customers.

Our Mission

Consumer is looking for a florist that will deliver consistently not only the freshest products around, but also the creativity in design that will brighten up any occasion. They are capable of delivering words, feelings and thoughts. Flowers are a gift, an expression, a way to deliver a message. We have become experts at translating words into flowers. We want to make the name “Lovely Greenhouse” synonymous with quality, service and value while earning the reputation of satisfying our customers always and forever. We are always striving to work our best in becoming Hong Kong’s most trusted florist.

Direct Import

Our Direct Shipment Program diligently works to bring the freshest flowers from our suppliers in Ecuador, Holland and Kunming. Today, it only takes them a maximum of three days to deliver products to us.

Buying directly from Holland means our cost can be 20-30% lower than other intermediaries, yet keeping the quality at the highest level.

Professional Management

We are continuously improving our system and service. Our professional floral consultants are always ready and willing to service our customers. Each of our floral consultants has undergone extensive training and received years of experience before they service our customers. Our top designer has had more than 20 years experience in Hong Kong. Each set of flower arrangements is professionally designed. Prompt delivery ensures the highest quality and service. A personal message card / grand opening card will be serve upon request. Thus, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fast Delivery

All local order is delivered within 12 hours upon confirmation. (excluding peak floral delivery periods.)

Honor and Credibility

Our reputation and credibility have earned us the privilege especially granted by banks to accept credit card transaction via the phone. This is an honor that signifies our 20+ years of credibility.